Strukton Rail’s smart shunting devices help safeguard maintenance workers in the field. The devices (ZKL 3000 series) are not the typical cables but are SIL-4 rated, self-monitoring shunting devices.

The ZKL 3000 series protects a section of track efficiently. By creating and monitoring a short circuit in the track the ZKL simulates a train in the section, causing the track circuit to show “occupied” thus placing the protecting signals at danger. The section is immediately blocked, enabling rail workers to perform work on the track safely. A green LED light shows whether a short has been generated and is visible on the top of the device.

Each ZKL has been designed to be both simple to install and cost effective.

ZKL 3000 RC

The ZKL 3000 RC can be remotely operated. The system can remain in track semi-permanently and be switched on/off in a matter of seconds by authorized employees, removing the need to enter the track to place or remove protection once installed. The ZKL 3000 RC is (de-)activated by an app on a smartphone, tablet or desktop, or by a remote control.

ZKL 3000 RC-C

The ZKL 3000 RC-C is a shunting device equipped with a cabled remote control allowing for usage in areas without cellular network coverage.

ZKL RC-C; cabled smart shunting device

ZKL 3000

The ZKL 3000 (standard) shunting device does not have the remote control capability, but does offer the fail-safe feature that the ZKL 3000 RC and ZKL 3000 RC-C have in place. The LED light indicates whether the track circuit has been shorted, therefore reporting the block as occupied.