Everything hinges on data nowadays, but do you extract useful information for smart track maintenance?

Predictive Analytics

We can help you collect, process, analyze, and interpret data from various sources and translate the data into concrete maintenance actions. This affords you with insight into the status of your assets in your capacity as the rail operator and/or owner. Maintenance becomes predictable. As such, we support you in improving the safety, availability, sustainability and cost-efficiency of your rail infrastructure system.

Asset Management

We have extensive experience with the maintenance of rail networks, applying asset management processes, and deploying systems that we have developed in-house and use ourselves on a daily basis. We offer real-time insight into the condition of the assets using our measuring and monitoring systems:

  • Strukton Wire Scan
    Our OCS wire scan provides an automated solution for live contact wire inspection to detect anomalies. Output data is analyzed for wire degeneration patterns.
  • POSS Rail Asset Monitoring
    POSS remotely monitors the condition of critical assets in railway infrastructure. The system is non-intrusive and predicts certain failures two weeks out.
  • Rail Temperature & Vibration Monitoring
    The CRM 3000 provides 24/7 rail temperature and vibration monitoring with NB-IoT technology.
  • Safety Devices
    Our smart products serve to make railway field work safer and more efficient, to maximize rail capacity, and to improve the reliability of the railway network.
  • Track and Trace
    The TRT 3000 measures real-time location of rail cars while it also acts as a sender and receiver for other IoT sensors.
  • Willow Rail
    Our Willow Rail Digital Twin Platform combines disparate data into a single platform, visible to all decision makers within the rail network.