In partnership with Dual Inventive, we’ve developed technology products that make working on railway infrastructure safer and more efficient.

Smart Tools

Our smart tools and monitoring solutions have wireless technology and communicate with our cloud-based environment, the MTinfo 3000 platform. They include:

  • Automatic Track Warning System
    The ATWS 3000 detects trains and automatically produces a guaranteed warning for track workers by means of light and sound signals. It is a flexible and easy to install wayside system.
  • Smart Shunting Devices
    The ZKL series are smart shunting devices, which allow for safe and efficient maintenance work by showing a green light while making a successful short. The ZKL RC can be (de-)activated remotely via phone/tablet/desktop.

Safety Device Projects

  • New York based commuter rail, ZKL smart safety devices
  • East coast based transit, ZKL smart safety devices