Strukton Rail Power Supply has delivered complete systems for the supply of electric power to rail transport systems throughout the world. Our strength lies in our unique leading-edge ability to design and deliver power supply systems, based on our competence in mechanical, electrical, and systems engineering. Our engineers have in-depth knowledge of the products/systems we design and deliver – an experience that has been gained, inherited, and managed for over an entire century.

DC Power Supply

  • Rectifier Stations:
    • Diode Rectifiers (750V, 1500V)
    • Voltage Controlled Rectifiers (750V, 1500V)
  • Switchgears, control, protection, etc.

AC Power Supply

  • Feeder Stations
    • Converter Stations (16.7Hz, 25Hz)
    • Transformer Stations (50Hz, 60Hz)
  • AT-Transformer Stations
  • Sectioning Stations
  • Switchgears, control, protection, etc.

Power Supply Project

  • East coast transit in two major cities, substation work.