POSS remotely monitors the condition of critical assets, such as switches, 24/7 and is designed to support day-to-day maintenance operations. It generates notifications when deviations occur and automatically sends out alarms/warnings when thresholds are exceeded. By using POSS, it is possible to implement smart maintenance strategies (from preventive to predictive). The benefits of POSS are instrumental to the safety, availability and efficiency of a rail network.

Predictive & Preventive

POSS allows condition-based maintenance, where activities like inspections are only undertaken when necessary. Maintenance frequency can be reduced as a result, which leads to lower operating costs. Certain failures can be predicted two weeks out. It has proven to be a powerful tool to support asset management, optimize maintenance and increase availability of the network.


POSSOnline is our proprietary platform to display and analyze the data collected. It offers various levels of subscription. A more advanced subscription provides additional services, some options are listed below:

  • A POSS application for smart phones and tablets.
  • Real time data feed and graphical display of switch movement (incl. high speed).
  • Unlimited users.
  • Threshold setting modifications for optimization.
  • Trend analyses over time and asset performance reporting.
  • Room temperature, power input, UPS condition monitoring in bungalows/cabinets.
  • Monitoring of level crossing movements combined with signalling information.
  • Distinguish signalling and mechanical failures.
  • Maintenance support algorithm.
  • Alarm and warning notification

POSSOnline Projects

  • East coast based transit, POSS switch monitoring
  • West coast based transit, POSS switch & track circuit condition monitoring
  • Toronto based transit, POSS switch condition monitoring