Strukton Rail is proud to announce the release of a completely renewed cloud-based POSSOnline R7 platform, taking remote condition monitoring to a new level in the rail market. POSS, Strukton Rail’s monitoring system, uses big data, IoT and machine learning technology to provide rail asset owners with 24/7 insight into the performance of critical assets. Smart algorithms analyze and interpret the collected data and report on the root causes of failure modes. This enables asset owners, managers and contractors to intervene at the right time and at the right place.

One of the many challenges faced by railway asset managers is the obligation to achieve strict network performance objectives while the infrastructure is subjected to higher loads due to a higher frequency of train services. The ascending number of passenger miles implies increased degeneration of network performance, while less time is available for inspection and maintenance activities. This calls for a targeted maintenance approach.

As a smart rail maintenance specialist, Strukton Rail strives for continuous improvement of maintenance processes, resulting in optimized network availability. A key component of its approach is the transfer of condition data into predictive values and actionable information.

From time-based maintenance to predictive maintenance

The POSSOnline platform R7 improves insight into the condition of assets, enabling asset managers to better manage and control maintenance processes. POSSOnline R7 converts asset condition data into information that adds predictive value to maintenance strategies. It simply facilitates a way to look back, to view current and to forecast asset-performance by identifying improvement potential. It does so through advanced analytical tools and by deploying smart algorithms coupled to domain knowledge in order to automate the root cause analysis and provide actionable information. This supports the transition from a time-based maintenance regime to a predictive maintenance regime.

Virtual maintenance assistant

The new POSSOnline R7 platform acts as a virtual maintenance assistant supporting the development of maintenance strategies. The Strukton Rail Control Center and its team of reliability engineers evaluate actionable information to assist rail asset managers during their transition capturing the potential of a predictive maintenance strategy.

The POSSOnline R7 platform enables the use of smartphones, laptops and other devices to obtain and exchange performance information. The platform allows for multiple users and applications, and connects to other existing and upcoming platforms. The open architecture makes the platform and analysis tooling future-proof for integration with, for example, IoT sensing technology. This provides uniformity and standardization in the journey to the next step(s) in predictive maintenance to achieve optimized availability and safety against lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

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October 3, 2019 | Bethesda, MD – Late September, Strukton Rail completed its first catenary inspection in the North American market utilizing its state-of-the-art Strukton Wire Scan system. A full overhead wire survey of Utah Transit Authority’s (UTA) Transit Express (TRAX), a 103-mile light rail system in Salt Lake City, was completed within 6 days. The system provides an automated solution for live contact-wire inspection. The new technology is based on non-contact measurement principles.

The Strukton Wire Scan measures – with the highest accuracy and fully automatic at speeds up to 18mph – the thickness and lateral position of all types of live contact wires. Simultaneously, the contact wire height and dynamics are measured. With these measurements it is possible to detect anomalies and predict when and where future complications might occur. A GIS based portal gives an overview of all the collected data in an interactive mapping environment, including the option to color code wear indicators as well as the opportunity to watch 4k UHD video recordings of the wires being scanned.

“The Strukton Wire Scan is based on an innovative technology specifically developed to incorporate the challenges and demands of a modern and dynamic rail market where reliable and readily available information is essential,” said Mark Lentini, Reliability Engineer of Strukton Rail North America. “The high accuracy of our system in detecting weak spots is where our customers truly benefit from a maintenance optimization standpoint.”

The Strukton Wire Scan has been in service since 2012 with impressive results. The system has been able to detect anomalies; output data is analyzed for wire degradation patterns; and, Strukton Rail teams have utilized its measurements to pinpoint, via accurate GPS locations, areas of concerns for a variety of clients while at the same time providing recommendations to optimize maintenance planning.


Sept 25, 2019 | Minneapolis, MN – Strukton Rail North America exhibited at the Railway Interchange show in Minneapolis from Sept 22-25, 2019. As the largest rail show in North America, the event was attended by close to 9,000 visitors. Many of our friends in the industry stopped by the Strukton Rail booth.


On Friday, August 23, Mark Lentini, Reliability Engineer, will presented to a group of engineers at global engineering & consulting firm HDR.

Mark discussed data gathering and analysis, specifically, Strukton Rail’s asset monitoring system, POSS. How do we effectively use data to help lower operating costs and prevent failures of critical equipment, such as switches?

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