The Automatic Track Warning System 3000 (ATWS 3000) detects trains and automatically produces a guaranteed warning for track workers by means of light and sound signals. The system consists of two detection units DUU 3000, a warning speaker WUM 3000 and a DUM 3000, for deregistering the alarm manually.

Safe Daytime Work

The wireless ATWS 3000 system is installed along the track without having to enter the track. The DUU 3000 detection unit detects the train from alongside the track on the inspection path via echolocation.

As soon as a train is detected, the DUU 3000 transmits a signal to the warning speaker WUM 3000 via MTinfo 3000 Cloud. This will emit an alarm with light and sound signals, allowing for track workers to leave the work site.

The alarm can be automatically deregistered via the ATWS 3000 when a second DUU 3000 detects the train leaving the segment. The DUM 3000 allows you to also manually deregister a train.