Using our expertise in Rail Maintenance & Asset Management in the United States and Canada since 2016, past, present and future projects give our clients peace of mind 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Past & Present Projects

  • Utah Transit Authority, Strukton Wire Scan of complete network
  • Toronto based transit, POSS switch condition monitoring
  • West coast based transit, POSS switch & track circuit condition monitoring
  • East coast based transit, POSS switch monitoring
  • New York based commuter rail, ZKL smart safety devices
  • East coast based transit, ZKL smart safety devices
  • Industrial railroad, rail asset management assessment
  • East coast transit in two major cities, substation work
  • VCR systems for southern based transit
  • West coast heavy rail, vehicle overhaul and critical component replacement project
  • O’Hare Airport Transit Systems, new traction drive system (DC chopper) based on modern IGBT technology

“…due to your email about the areas with severe wear, our MOW group was able to get out in the time frame of a couple of days and insert some splices into those locations […] Thank you very much for good stewardship on communicating those early findings.”

Utah Transit Authority, Strukton Wire Scan Project

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